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With Over 20 years of experience, the Scrum Training Institute offers the best Scrum Certification Courses and Agile training in Orlando, Florida and around the world.
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Review rating:

5 out of 5 stars with 73 reviews.

Course materials and presenters

What I liked about the course was the interesting course materials and presenters it never became dry or redundant.

Engaging Speakers

What I like about the class were the very engaging speakers.

Hands on interaction

What I liked about the course was the Hands on Interaction.

Group Exercises and Collaboration

What I liked about the class was the practice exercises and the group collaboration.

Structure and Setup

What I really enjoyed about the class structure and setup.

Learned a lot from each other

What I enjoyed about the course was that everybody from my table I learned a lot of different agile practices from each other.

I liked everything

What I liked about the course was everything, the team hands on activities were excellent. the materials were interesting and engaging and a lot of my questions were answered

Clear cut about roles

Now I know what to do as a Product Owner.

Easy to understand and straight forward

Jens was very honest and had a good conversational style

Makes you laugh while you learn

Relaxed, practical, jovial