Scrum Training Institute

With Over 20 years of experience, the Scrum Training Institute offers the best Scrum Certification Courses and Agile training in Orlando, Florida and around the world.
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Review rating:

5 out of 5 stars with 73 reviews.

Ready to work and Put into Action

Excellent back in class. Now ready to work and put into action.

Very Engaging

The team activities were very engaging

The Quality of Training was Spot on

The Quality of training was spot on. Great meeting people from other industries with varying backgrounds

Very Enjoyable

The instructor was knowledgeable about the course and made it very enjoyable.

Really Relevant to my Job

Really relevant to my job. Left me reassured that I know what I am doing as a Scrum Master

Covers all the features of CSM

The Agenda is well structured and it covers all the features for CSM.

Very Hands On

Very Hands on, forced me to engage with new people and network.

Kept me Engaged

Kept me Engaged and provided accurate industry knowledge

Good Training, Very Informative and Relevant

The material was very relevant and many concerns and questions I had were addressed.

It was Practical

What I enjoyed about the course was it was practical and i can immediately apply what i learned.