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With Over 20 years of experience, the Scrum Training Institute offers the best Scrum Certification Courses and Agile training in Orlando, Florida and around the world.
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Review rating:

5 out of 5 stars with 73 reviews.

better than I expected

The course was better than I expected. A lot of good team exercises & a lot of real world examples

extensive work experience

The instructor obviously knows agile and scrum very well and has extensive work experience in the field

excellent context

Great material, excellent context, experience instructor

Very good delivery

Very good delivery of material. Great mix of content.

it’s because of how fun and engaging he makes the class

Jens does a fantastic job of pacing and mixing the activities up. This is my second training with Jens and it’s because of how fun and engaging he makes the class.


Engaging, easy to understood and relates to work experience

I didn’t lose interest

It [the course] kept me engaged and involved so that I didn’t lose interest. I’ve learned quite a bit of information to take back to my company in hopes of a better adaption

Instructor was very knowledgeable

Very interactive, the group activities were very engaging and helped me better understand the material. Instructor was very knowledgeable and challenged us

Instructor was also fantastic

I loved how engaging the activities were. Very hands on and really helped resonate with me. Instructor was also fantastic. Great real world examples and kept information fresh and relevant.

Very Interactive

Enjoyed the group work, very interactive.