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With Over 20 years of experience, Scrum Training Institute offers the best Scrum Certification Courses and Agile training in Orlando, Florida and around the world. We offer Scrum Master (CSM), Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), & Scrum@Scale certifications.


Jens Ostergaard

Certified Scrum Trainer, Jens Ostergaard has successfully certified more than 10,000 people in OVER 28 countries!
Jens Ostergaard is the founder of the Scrum Training Institute. He is the First Certified Scrum Practitioner (CSP) and one of the pioneering Certified Scrum Trainers (CST) worldwide. He is also an Agile Developer Consultant who helps organizations understand the fundamentals of Scrum, argue that organizations should keep Scrum as pure as possible until they fully understand the mechanism that drives development forward. Jens have delivered CSM classes longer than anybody, worldwide.

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“When I look back at my IT career, working and talking with great people, I have realized there is nothing as good as empowered people communicating closely together solving problems.

If you think back of the best projects you have been part of, it is almost certainly those projects were you as a team were empowered to take responsibility. This is the reason I bought Stora Nyteboda (in the beginning co-owned by my great friends Claus & Pia) in 2001 turning the house into a project house. Having a team working in an environment like this, not being disturbed, they will develop nothing but good things. When I later the same year first heard about Scrum I realized there is something bigger here, something interesting and promising.”

Jens Ostergaard
CST, Scrum Training Institute


Arne Åhlander

Agile Certified Scrum Master Arne
Arne Åhlander is a principal consultant, coach and trainer with his own company Aqqurite. Agile, Lean and Process Improvement are key elements in Arne’s collaboration with the management teams of his customers. Since 1994 Arne has been working within consulting, Product Management and Management. He brings with him extensive experience from Management positions within IT and Telecom. Arne helps organizations – and the people within – to think for themselves, make their own decisions and challenge their assumptions. Arne has extensive experience from consulting, Product Management and Management. Arne became a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) in 2008, and is a former Management 3.0 Licensed Trainer, and a Training from the Back of the Room (TBR) Certified Trainer.In between customer assignments and training classes Arne also is a presenter at conferences within Agile and Lean. If you would like to learn more about Arne, visit his Lean & Agile website.

Fabian Schwartz

Certified Scrum Product Owner Agile Fabian
Fabian Schwartz has more than 17 years of experience in the tech sector. He has served in many roles in the IT industry, including developer, tester, trainer, project and program manager. Over the past 9 years, he has also grown from being an early adopter of agile to becoming a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) and public speaker. He has done significant training, coaching and mentoring in different areas of agile development and project management. He is passionate about helping his clients to achieve their goals and improve their performance by leveraging agile approaches. Besides of that he is also a passionate scuba diver. Visit Scrum Colombia to learn more about him.

Kim Antelo

Certified Scrum Trainer Kim
Kim has proven expertise in delivering solutions by leveraging Scrum, Agile and Lean methodologies. She is detail oriented and has consistently adopted innovative approaches to solving complex corporate problems throughout her 20 years’ career. Through training and coaching, she enables clients to solve problems while delivering outcomes and strategically focus on solving big corporate problems. The knowledge she brings includes: Agile training and coaching, change management, e-commerce, medical and drug card claims, ERP, order processing systems, work scope planning, EDI transactions, product management, business analysis, and project management. Companies she has made an impact at includes: a number of Fortune 100 companies, GE Aviation, Express Scripts, Anthem, Schlumberger and many more.

Joakim Sundén

Certified Scrum Instructor Joakim
2011-2017 Joakim Sundén worked as an agile coach at Spotify where he worked with management teams, leaders and delivery teams to develop people, increase employee engagement, and build better products faster. He was part of the coach group that worked together with the CTO to design and introduce a new approach to Agile at scale, aka “The Spotify Model” with tribes, squads, chapters, guilds, etc. Together with his friend and former colleague Marcus Hammarberg he wrote the book Kanban In Action (Manning, 2014). He does speaking and training on topics such as Leadership, Agile at Scale, Kanban, Lean, Spotify, and more.

Jimmy Janlén

Certified Scrum Instructor Jimmy
Jimmy Janlén is an agile coach and teacher at Crisp (Stockholm). In addition to coaching, Jimmy holds courses, writes books, blogs and creates videos on all things agile and lean such as agile leadership, agile adaptations, large scale agile, team dynamics and facilitation. He sometimes refers to himself as a bureaucracy therapist, cultural acupuncture, cross company pollinator and visualization magician. Jimmy is the author of the Visualization Examples, available on Amazon on LeanPub.

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