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What Are The Scrum Values

What Are The Scrum Values?

Scrum is a team-based approach to delivering value to the business. Team members work together to achieve a shared business goal. The Scrum framework Read More »...

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What is The Heart of Scrum?

What is The Heart of Scrum

What is the Heart of Scrum?  It seems as though somewhere along the way, the passion and “heart” in Scrum has become runner up to certifications,Read More »...

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What is Agile

How To Implement Scrum

Shuhari (Kanji: 守破離 Hiragana: ゅはり) is a Japanese martial art concept, and describes the stages of learning to mastery. It is sometimes appRead More »...

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Who Uses Scrum?

Scrum Planning & Estimation

Why do we plan? The reasoning behind planning is to find a way to predict how much time (read cost) it takes to build a product. If we can predict theRead More »...

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What is The Scrum Guide?

Scrum Project Launch

In our Scrum Project Launch we take the whole Scrum team (Scrum Master, Product Owner and team) off-site and make a plan for your project. We will teaRead More »...

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