What is The Heart of Scrum

What is the Heart of Scrum?  It seems as though somewhere along the way, the passion and “heart” in Scrum has become runner up to certifications, processes, scaling, methodologies, etc. This initial concept grew from observation and interaction with new members within the Scrum community. Noting that some members didn’t fully understand important Daily Scrum practices, or the importance of the core values. Additionally, with Scrum spreading in all directions, too many are missing the most crucial part of Scrum, the “Heart” of Scrum.

The purpose of “Heart of Scrum” is to remind you to focus on the Scrum Guide and not the processes and tools. When it comes to Scrum, either you get it or you don’t, and If you don’t, it is so easy to focus on the processes and tools and loose the Heart behind it. The productivity of the team is a result of the teams (with support from PO and SM) ability to tackle problems and solve them, that is the Heart of Scrum.

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