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Free Webinar | 2020 Scrum Guide | December 10, 2020


Copenhagen 15:00
New York 9:00AM

December 10, 2020
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


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2020 Scrum Guide Free Webinar

Join Jens Østergaard and Stig Efsen in a GOTO Night to learn more about the new 2020 Scrum Guide.

In this GOTO Night, Jens and Stig will review the key changes and how these changes will affect your Scrum. They will discuss the following 2020 Scrum guide changes:

• Less Prescriptive.
The 2020 version aims to bring Scrum back to being a minimally sufficient framework by removing or softening prescriptive language.

• One Team Focused on One Product.
The new guide eliminates the concept of a separate team within a team that has led to “proxy” or “us and them” behavior between the PO and Dev Team.

• Introduction of Product Goal.
The 2020 Scrum Guide introduces the concept of a Product Goal to provide focus for the Scrum Team toward a larger valuable objective.

• More Clarity for Sprint Goal, Definition of Done, and Product Goal.
Previous Scrum guides described sprint goal and definition of done without really giving them an identity. They were not quite artifacts but were somewhat attached to artifacts. With the addition of product goal, the 2020 version provides more clarity around this.

• Self-Managing over Self-Organizing.
Previous Scrum guides referred to development teams as self-organizing, choosing who and how to do work. With more of a focus on the Scrum team, the 2020 version emphasizes a self-managing Scrum Team, choosing who, how, and what to work on.

• Three Sprint Planning Topics.
In addition to the Sprint Planning topics of “What” and “How”, the 2020 Scrum guide places emphasis on a third topic, “Why”, referring to the sprint Goal.

• Simpler and Shorter Guide — Now only 13 pages!
The 2020 Scrum guide has placed an emphasis on eliminating redundant and complex statements as well as removing any remaining inference to IT work (e.g. testing, system, design, requirement, etc).

– 15.00 Welcome by GOTO
– 15.05 “2020 SCRUM Guide” by Jens and Stig
– 15.45 Q&A
– 16.00 See you next time!

Jens Østergaard — Denmark’s first Scrum Master and one of the world’s most experienced Scrum trainers.

Stig Efsen — Vice president of Trifork Aarhus and translates English versions of the Scrum guide to Danish and works as an agile coach, with a wealth of experience implementing Scrum.



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