What is the Daily Scrum?

One essential part of scrum includes a short but crisp daily meeting, the daily scrum. The daily scrum is a 15 minute meeting held at the same time and the same place each day of the sprint. The daily scrum is important as it brings the team face to face daily to synchronize the status of the sprint. The purpose of the this meeting is to synchronize the team and plan the next 24 hours of work. The daily scrum is a casual meeting, most times held while standing up and conducted as a conversion and not a discussion.

The development team owns the meeting and is responsible for making sure the meeting stay focused and relevant. A popular way to synchronize are the three questions that are answered by each team member at the daily scrum: yesterday I helped the team by…, today I will help the team by… and I am blocked from helping the team by…. These questions help the team understand the progression of the sprint, the work that everyone has done and committed to and become aware of any blockages along the way. The daily scrum is the best way to get the team communicating and keeping the team up to date.

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