Enhancing Your Scrum Master Education

In our last article, we discussed the importance of doing your research before starting your
Scrum Master job search. So now you’ve done your research and you have decided that a
Scrum Master position is the right career track for you. Your next step is to enhance your skills
and knowledge of the position. When you are changing careers, it may be necessary to go back
to school to learn new skills. It can be challenging to go back to school—life gets in the way,
right? As a reminder from the last article, persistence and patience are keys to finding a job with
no experience.

Following are some ways to enhance your Scrum Master education:
1. Internal Professional Development. If you are currently working, check with your
company’s Training and Development department to see what courses are offered
internally that may enhance your skills. Don’t worry if exact Scrum or Agile courses are
not offered. Look for courses that cover topics like coaching, communication, conflict
resolution, and collaboration. These are all topics that will help to enhance the skills that
you will need to be an effective Scrum Master. Plus, showing the initiative to take these
courses will likely help you build a stronger relationship with your current employer.

2. Attend Conferences and Meet Ups. Look for local opportunities to attend conferences
or networking events related to Agile and Scrum. Often Scrum experts will provide
workshops or lectures that you can attend for little or no cost. Plus, it’s a great way to
meet people already established in the industry. Scrum Alliance® is one resource to
find national, regional events, and coaching retreats. Also, check your local Meet Up
page for Agile, Scrum, and Lean Coffee gatherings that are available near you.

3. Complete a Scrum Master Certification course. Most Scrum Master certification
courses are short (ex. 2-day) workshops that prepare you to take the Scrum Master
certification exam. Upon passing the exam, you earn a Scrum Master Certification that is
valid for two years. A certification can be a very useful tool to add to your employment
toolkit! Before you enroll, remember to check with your current employer to see if they
will cover some or all the cost of a certification course.

Are you interested in earning your Scrum Master Certification? Check out the wide
availability of courses offered at the Scrum Training Institute. Courses are currently offered in
the United States, Europe, and Asia.

In the next article, we’ll look at some ways that you can leverage internal and external resources
to gain relevant experience in Agile and Scrum to help you secure a position as a Scrum

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