Certified Scrum Product Owner Salary

Are you considering a position as a product owner, but curious about the yearly income? According to payscale.com, the Product owner salary has a national average of $81,992 per year.

There are several factors that contribute to a product owners salary, such as: experience, location and skill set. For example, entry level products owners with 5 years or less of experience have reported annual earnings of about $72,000 per year. Where as senior product owners with over 20 years of experience have reported annual earnings of $119,000 per year.

Additionally, location is also a great contributor to the product owners income. It is clear that there is a large variance when comparing pay rates by location. With states like New York having the highest pay for product owners in the country, they average a +21% increase of the national average. And cities like Salt Lake City where there the rate is 37% below the national average.





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