Jens’ Bio

Jens Ostergaard: A Leading Figure in Scrum and Agile

CSM (Certified Scrum Master) and CST (Certified Scrum Trainer):

Jens Ostergaard was the first working Scrum Master in Denmark and became a CSM in Edinburgh in 2003. He became a CST through co-training with Ken Schwaber, co-developer of Scrum, in Copenhagen in 2004. His wealth of experience in the Scrum field has been accentuated by co-training extensively with Jeff Sutherland, creator of Scrum, providing participants in their training sessions with valuable insights and knowledge from two of the most experienced influential figures in the Scrum community.

Jens & Ken, Edinburgh 2003

Jens & Ken, Edinburgh 2003

Jens & Ken, Edinburgh 2003

Jens & Ken, Edinburgh 2003

Jens & Jeff, Accenture, Helsinki 2006

Jens & Jeff, Accenture, Helsinki 2006

Pioneering CSM Classes:

Jens Ostergaard was not only Denmark’s first working Scrum Master but also pioneered in conducting the first public Certified Scrum Master (CSM) classes across numerous regions, including Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, Czechia, Australia, New Zealand, Nevada, and Florida, exemplifying his dedication to spreading Scrum knowledge globally.

Advocacy for the Scrum Framework:

As an advocate for the Scrum framework as defined in the ScrumGuides, Jens trains and coach organizations. He argues that organizations should keep Scrum as pure as possible until they fully understand the mechanism that drives development forward.

Scrum Training Institute, Contributions to Scrum Education, and Conducting Workshops:

Jens has advanced Scrum education through the founding of the Scrum Training Institute and conducting an array of training sessions and workshops, empowering professionals with crucial Scrum knowledge and skills.

Heart of Scrum Initiative and Conference:

In 2017, Jens sought to understand and address challenges in Scrum implementation, leading to the creation of Heart of Scrum and a key conference in 2022, which hosted influential speakers, including Jeff Sutherland as a keynote speaker. Watch Jeff Sutherland’s keynote here.

Community Engagement:

Engaging actively within the Scrum community, Jens participates in conferences and discussions, sharing his expert insights and experiences, affirming his stature as a notable figure in the field.