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Are you using Agile, Scrum, Kanban or Lean, but not getting the Agile outcomes you need?

The Mobius Outcome Delivery framework was created for organizations who are struggling to:

  • deliver outcomes in Agile
  • measure success in Agile
  • improve Agile or Scrum process
  • increase your sprint speed
  • improve Kanban
  • improve process efficiency

Agile and Lean teams can go extremely fast. If your Agile team is heading fast in the wrong direction, they will simply fail faster. Mobius is the solution to get them back on course. The Mobius loop is a navigator and outcome accelerator. It helps you discover the problems, understand your options, and deliver the greatest impact for the least effort.

Measure Agile Outcomes

Rather than prescribing one right way, Mobius helps you connect existing frameworks and practices, and map them to your own context. In the Mobius framework, you learn how to construct your own outcome model, making use of open source canvases used for continuous discovery and continuous delivery.

Design Thinking and Agile

Mobius applies best in design thinking to ensure that you are creating the right solutions to produce the results you need. Instead of simply delivering more, we need to deliver the outcomes that matter.

Outcomes Over Outputs

In Mobius Practitioner certification, trainers facilitate multiple hands-on activities to demonstrate and help you understand why outcomes matter more than outputs. You also work with examples of real-world applications at government and non government organizations. Mobius Practitioners walk away with practical applications of Mobius for your projects and organizations to shift from an outputs focused delivery mindset to an outcomes focused one.

Meet the Creator, Gabrielle Benefield

Agile, Scrum, Lean, UX, Hothousing, Scaling, Leadership

Gabrielle Benefield is an author, speaker, innovator, and founder of Since developing the earliest inception of Mobius in 2009 she has helped individuals and organizations all over the globe, including Google and Red Hat solve complex problems in a transformational way.

Gabrielle earned her stripes in innovation thinking during the early 2000s in Silicon Valley. She used Agile and Lean techniques to successfully lead teams, including taking a startup to a robust Initial Public Offering, and spearheading one of the largest Agile enterprise transformations – scaling up to 250+ teams across three continents. She founded the Scrum Foundation in 2009 together with key Agile thought leaders, including Jeff Sutherland (the inventor of Scrum), and is an author of the Scrum Primer, one of the most downloaded guides to Scrum.

Scrum CSPO and Mobius Practitioner Certification

The Scrum Training Institute is offering a Certified Scrum Product Owner and Mobius dual training on February 24-25th, 2020 in Orlando, FL. This training will benefit you if you are a Product Manager, Product Owner, innovator, coach, entrepreneur or anyone else looking for hands-on tools to apply to your product innovation and delivery.

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