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What Is Large Scale Scrum ?

Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) isn’t new and improved Scrum. And it’s not Scrum at the bottom for each team, and something different layered on top. Rather, it’s about figuring out how to apply the principles, purpose, elements, and elegance of Scrum in a large-scale context, as simply as possible. Like Scrum and other truly agile frameworks, LeSS is “barely sufficient methodology” for high-impact reasons.

Scaled Scrum is not a special scaling framework that happens to include Scrum only at the team level. Truly scaled Scrum is Scrum scaled.

Source: The LeSS Company B.V.

Why Should you consider LeSS?

Traditional sequential-life cycle development doesn’t work well. It doesn’t work well for either small or large product development efforts. Since 2001, Agile development and Scrum in particular have revolutionized software development, but when asked how to apply Agile development to large groups many people say “don’t” or “just use a small team” or “do Scrum at the team level.”

None of those answers is particularly useful, and while it is true that it is best to avoid adding people to your development effort, it is also true that large scale product development isn’t going away so we need to discover ways to do it well.

What’s Different in LeSS?

  • Sprint Planning Part 1: In addition to the one Product Owner, it includes people from all teams. Let team members self-manage to decide their division of Product Backlog Items. Team members also discuss opportunities to find shared work and cooperate, especially for related items.
  • Sprint Planning Part 2: This is held independently (and usually in parallel) by each Team, though sometimes for simple coordination and learning two or more Teams may hold it in the same room (in different areas).
  • Daily Scrum: This is also held independently by each Team, though a member of Team A may observe Team B’s Daily Scrum, to increase information sharing.

LeSS Scrum Agenda

Day 1 - LeSS Principles & Fundamentals

  • Design for Perfect
  • LeSS Principles & Fundamentals
  • LeSS & LeSS huge overview

Day 2 - Scaling Techniques & Practices

  • Organziging for Customer Value & Feature Teams
  • LeSS Product Backlog Refinement, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review and Retrospective.
  • Product Ownership at Scale.
  • How to coordinate teams as scale.
  • Overview of development practices when scaling.

Day 3 - LeSS Adoption

  • Adopting LeSS in your organization.
  • Role of Management & Human Operations.
  • LeSS Organizational structure; distributed & multisite development
  • Various Case Studies at Financial and Technology companies.
  • Scrum Master practices in a LeSS organization.

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I enjoyed the enthusiasm

I enjoyed the enthusiasm, the openness of the instructor, all exercises  and also the background info. Everything!!!

Engaging, challenging + fun

Jens was energetic, dynamic and able to answer difficult questions. Exercises were engaging, challenging + fun.